Workshops for Young People

The great thing about working with young people is that they readily show an appreciation of the transformations occurring in craft work. I will gladly take on offers for teaching workshops in:

.....• Jewellery making

.....• Bowl making

.....• Sculptural projects

.....• Form and mathematics

Workshops in Anticlastic Forming

Workshops/short courses specialising in the technique of anticlastic forming can be organised for academic as well as further education settings. Workshops can take from one to three days, depending on the depth of understanding required within the subject.


Workshop fees are charged at the going rate for visiting artists, i.e. £ 150.00 per day, plus expenses. Expenses will vary depending on what equipment/facilities are available at your location, and the cost of materials. Concessions can be made in some circumstances.


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Click here for viewing photos of a previous worshop run at
Oakham Primary School, Tividale, West Midlands, August 2000